Missouri State Penitentiary - Part 1

The CREEPZ Ghost Commandos, along with PRI, travel to Jefferson City, Missouri as the first teams to investigate the historic Missouri State Penitentiary! The CGC explore Housing Unit 4, or A-Hall, and encounter eerie whispers and see strange shadows out of the corners of their eyes.

Missouri State Penitentiary - Part 2

In Part 2 of the CGC at MSP the teams explore the Dungeon and encounter strange chills. Also, someone wants to let the world know they are innocent! AND you will be blown away by what is captured in the Gas Chamber!

Missouri State Penitentiary - Part 3 The Conclusion

In Part 3 we examine the The Gas Chamber and receive eerie meter hits that leave us with more questions! Afterwards, you'll hear something we didn't expect while we were checking our cameras during a break. Finally, we conclude in the Dungeon where one of our members finds himself needing to leave in a hurry!