Longview Mansion - Part 1

The CREEPZ travel to Lee's Summit, Missouri to explore the beautiful Longview Mansion. In   Part 1 the CGC conduct EVP and Spirit Box sessions in the room formally known as the library in the hope of making contact with the ghosts of Longview.

Longview Mansion - Part 2

In Part 2 the CGC investigate the 3rd floor where the servant’s quarters used to be. KII meter hits, motions lights go off, and strange light anomalies are captured on film!

Longview Mansion - Part 3

In Part 3 the CGC investigate the basement where the spirit box captures some the BEST RESPONSES EVER! Afterwards, the CGC hold a pipe organ concert in the Library for the ghosts of Longview Mansion!

Longview Mansion - Part 4 The Conclusion

COMING SOON! IN the meantime, here is the trailer for our Longview Mansion series, Enjoy!