The Belvoir Winery - Part 1

The CGC Travel to Liberty, Missouri to explore one of their scariest locations yet! The Belvoir Winery and Odd Fellows Home.

The Belvoir Winery - Part 2

The Belvoir Winery - Part 3

The Belvoir Winery - Part 4

After investigating the The Belvoir Winery and the historic Odd Fellows Home we decided that one night wasn't enough. We went back one month later to see if we can find more evidence supporting the stories of voices and apparitions being seen on the grounds!

The Belvoir Winery - Part 5 The Conclusion

The series finale to the CREEPZ Ghost Commandos at the Belvoir Winery and the old Odd Fellows Home! In part 5, the conclusion, we search for the noise that froze us where we stood, more voices captured and heard in the Old Hospital, the CGC go Commando when possible trespassers are sighted near the cemetery, AND we capture strange meter response to our questioning in the Bunker!