About Us

Our History


In 2001 the Tillery brothers formed a roller hockey team in their Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood of Woodcrest. After discussing several names that would best represent the neighborhood the Tillery Brothers chose the name Creepz.

Squirrels and rabbits were abundant creatures in the neighborhood and would make for an appropriate mascot, however, the common ghost was another mascot that was quite popular in Woodcrest. The Tillery Brothers grew up telling and listening to many ghost stories and in the neighborhood of Woodcrest there is no shortage of them. The Tillery Brothers sat and searched for inspiration until one day they began talking about the ghost stories they heard growing up. After every ghost story told there was one feeling everyone would agree on getting… the 'creeps'. Shortly after recalling fond memories and feelings from those ghost stories, Alec and Adam thought, "Wow, what a great name for our roller hockey team. The Creeps!".

For some time the Creepz Roller hockey organization was one of the best teams in the Kansas City area, taking on opponents like the Central Kansas Storm and even the Kansas State University roller hockey team! Though with time comes age, and with age comes knees, ankles, and elbows that don't work like they used to. But from the void of an aging roller hockey team came the formation of one spectacular Paranormal Investigation team.

Our own Gideon Coyle inspired the Tillery Borthers to look for ghost after telling them of his adventures with other groups. After discussing our interest in ghost and dabbling in paranormal research the three of us decided to give ghost investigating a more professional shot when some of our little investigations started producing results! Like every good paranormal investigating team we needed a name. Luckily for us we already had one in stock. Initially we were just going to be the Creepz, but since we had come this far from a roller hockey team we figured why not make our name an acronym too. Thus is the origin of the "City & Rural Explorers Examining Paranormal Zones" was created.

The 'Ghost Commandos' part of the name derives from the Tillery Brother's childhood. Like most American children growing up, the Tillery Brothers formed a neighborhood club which they named the 'Commandos'. The club's purpose you ask? Well it's purposed ranged from big games of hide and seek in camouflage clothing to campouts in the clubhouses around the neighborhood. In short, the 'Ghost Commandos' is a homage to our childhood with a paranormal twist. Plus, 'Ghost Commandos' is a snazzy way of saying 'paranormal investigators' or 'ghost hunters'.

Our Mission

The C.R.E.E.P.Z or 'City & Rural Explorers Examining Paranormal Zones' Ghost Commandos was formed by three individuals after discussing their interest and experiences with the paranormal. Brothers Alec & Adam Tillery, and long time friend Gideon Coyle, set off to examine paranormal locations and situations in the pursuit of understanding the mysterious phenomena that occurs all over the world. Through history, science, and capturing actual evidence of the paranormal, the C.R.E.E.P.Z. look to show the world that the living may not be so alone.